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White Lining Paper Roll, Brown Honeycomb Kraft Cushion Packaging Paper

White Lining Paper Roll, Brown Honeycomb Kraft Cushion Packaging Paper

Short Description:

  • Specification: Honeycomb Paper(Outer Layer) Soft White Paper(Inner Layer)
  • Material: 80g Kraft paper 20g
  • Width: 380mm to 500mm or custom 300mm or custom
  • Length: 30M to 300M/rolls or custom 30M to 800M/rolls or custom
  • Length After Stretching: 50M to 496M/rolls or custom 30M to 800M/rolls or custom
  • Carton size: Bronze/White/Black White
  • Application: For Fragile Goods / Electronic Products / Online Shopping Packaging For Fragile Goods / Electronic Products / Online Shopping Packaging
  • Feature: 1. Simple eco-friendly wrapping solution 2. Small footprint, can be placed anywhere 3. Perfect for start-up or home based web shops 4.Excellent surface protection and presentation 5. A sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    With the rise of e-commerce and the demand for environmentally friendly materials, many enterprises are in urgent need of a packaging solution to replace traditional plastics.honeycomb paper has a unique three-dimensional honeycomb structure,which provides reliable buffer protection for the wrapped products and becomes an effective solution to replace bubble film.

    Product Detials

    1. Green Honeycomb Paper
    Honeycomb wrapping paper is an 100%  eco-friendly alternative to other types of filling materials.

    2.Good Cushioning Effect
    This honeycomb paper can be stretched into a net shape suitable for packaging irregular items and provide effective cushioning to protect items.

    3.Easy To Use
    The packaging is done manually, no additional cutting tools are needed, which can improve packaging efficiency. The packaging process does not require auxiliary materials, such as glue, tape and scissors.

    4.Protection For Gifts
    When wrapping gifts with cushioning paper, this honeycomb-shaped perforated cushioning wrap roll can provide additional protection and cushioning by supporting your product and absorbing any shocks, vibrations, and scratches. It must be a pleasant surprise to receive the gift intact.

    5.Wide Range Of Uses
    These honeycomb buffer papers are suitable for cosmetics, ceramics, artwork, stationery, wine boxes, glass products, etc. Can be used to wrap items, reduce the accumulation of plastic packaging materials and save storage space.

    6.Save Shipping Cost
    Natural kraft honeycomb mailers help you drastically reduce shipping cost, only one-third of the traditional shipping bags weigh. Cost-effective alternative to shipping products in cartons.


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