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What do you know about the main uses of honeycomb paper

Honeycomb paper is a new type of material that saves resources, protects the ecological environment, and has low cost, and it has superior performance and is widely used. Specific main uses are as follows:

1, construction: partition walls, partitions, decorative panels, interior doors, simple sheds, security door filling materials
Commercial and household doors made of honeycomb paper can reduce the gravity of the door, colleagues to increase stability and reduce the wear and tear of the door shaft.

2、Car and boat: partition, interior sound insulation board
Use honeycomb paper to make car and boat parts. It can be used as carriage roof grille, floor and wall panels, which helps to improve the overall structure of the vehicle.

3、Furniture: furniture, containers, exhibition boards, shelves
Lightweight furniture made of honeycomb paper, honeycomb paper core can reduce weight, reduce bending deformation and improve strength.

4、Packaging: honeycomb carton, honeycomb paperboard cushion liner
Honeycomb paper packaging made of honeycomb paper, from electronic instruments to mechanical equipment, from computers to various home appliances. Honeycomb paper cushion liner can play a good role in protection against damage caused by vibration or improper loading and unloading.

5、Warehousing and transportation: single-use pallets, turnover pallets
Honeycomb paper pallets made of honeycomb paper can be good for weight-bearing, protecting products and reducing transportation costs. You can also put honeycomb paperboard between goods to prevent direct collision between goods and goods, goods and carriage to prevent damage.

6、Fashion display: light billboard
The billboard made of honeycomb paper is light in weight, easy to install and low in cost.

7、Funeral goods: sanitary coffin for cremation
All kinds of low, medium and high-grade sanitary caskets made of honeycomb paper can completely replace wooden caskets. Good sealing performance can prevent the spread of microorganisms and diseases, while the material is combustible, non-caking and non-polluting.

Post time: Jan-03-2023