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Notes on double-coated paper printing

Double-banded paper printing effect is delicate and harmonious, with a sense of hierarchy. However, the printing applicability of double-banded paper is poor, so several issues should be noted in double-banded printing.

1. coated double-adhesive paper, due to the poor degree of double-adhesive paper sizing on the market, easy to remove hair and powder, so in the choice of ink should choose soft ink printing. Ink is hard, too viscous ink is easy to pull the coating surface of the paper powder and paper hair, resulting in the rubber blanket pile up, bad transfer, ink drainage, low efficiency, loss of paper, rubber blanket and printing plate wear rate is poor. In addition, the printing pressure should be moderate, not too large. And the rubber blanket should choose a better rubber surface, not easy to damage, good resilience of the rubber blanket.

2. Double-adhesive paper absorption problems, double-adhesive paper manufacturer of double-adhesive paper with strong ink absorption, water absorption, so the choice of ink should choose a high degree of color and can penetrate the dry ink. If the color concentration is not high, the ink layer is thick, the paper absorbs a lot of water when printing, and the ink and paper dry slowly. In addition, if the ink surface film drying too fast, may affect the bottom of the paper penetration drying, resulting in the printing surface drying, to cut paper, binding and other processes caused by the paper is not dry inside and other problems.

3. double adhesive paper PH value, as the PH value of the double adhesive paper on the market is mostly weak acid, so the printing wetting solution can not be too acidic, PH value is generally set at about 5.5, the concentration is set at about 12-15%, which is conducive to printing and drying. In addition, in the printing process, strict control of water, ink initial timing water level and ink level should not be too high. In the case of printing plates can not withstand dirty, water supply and ink supply should be as little as possible in order to quickly reach the ink balance, water and ink to be less, printing to be less.

It is not necessary to hang 150 network, 133 network, sometimes 200 lines of printing better results. In addition to pre-press production, the flatness of the two sides of the paper also makes a big difference, the bad side of the picture printed out is difficult to look unrealistic. Therefore, try to choose a good smoothness of the paper. Double-coated paper manufacturers of double-coated paper color printing very good results conditions: in order to ensure the quality of printed products to meet the requirements of customers, you need to control each link. Double-coated paper printing plate quality control, printing, slightly increase the actual exposure, so that the dots on the plate than the dots on the film slightly smaller to compensate for the increase in dots caused by pressure during printing.

In the process of baking the plate, the plate in the cooling process from cold and then hot, will produce the corresponding elongation, shrinkage phenomenon. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of overprinting, in multi-color printing is generally not advocated. The number of corrected plates should be skilled and accurate, and minimize the number of corrected plates to avoid inaccurate overprinting due to artificial elongation and deformation of the printing plate. Double-coated paper manufacturer's printing conditions control: wetting solution PH value control at 5.5 ~ 6.5. If the PH value of the wetting solution is not properly controlled, it will affect the drying of the ink and printing quality. When printing, strict control of the layout of the humidity, to maintain a balance of ink and ink, to achieve a "small ink dry water" very good state of printing. Workshop temperature and humidity control.

Post time: Jan-03-2023